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  • Shell Tech

    This is any type of item abuse that involves using a shell. This includes Koopas (red and green), Koopalings, Beetles, and/or Spiney's. There are various ways in which you can jump off of these enemies in mid-air, or use them to interact with Mario's environment as they travel along the ground.

    Sideways Spring Mid-Air (MDS-KP6-8VF)
    Dry-Bone Shell Drop (1KW-1VY-BKF)
    Wind Assisted Mid-Air (8KT-PJP-YVG)
    Wake-Up Shell Drop (3JJ-V9N-42H)
    Reclaim (Shell Drop) (FFN-QCX-J4G)
    Forward Shell Drop (0CX-15R-HBG)
    Shell Drop (XTB-NR5-Q9G)
    Up-Throw Head Bonk (LNV-L4H-FTG)
    Overhang Shell Jump (SK9-TK3-7HG)
    Back-Shot Shell Jump (DT4-CH0-58G)
    Double Shell Jump (M92-YN1-VJF)
    Controlled Shell Jump (HXY-PJG-B5G)
    Back-Shot Shell Surf (G47-237-SJG)
    Shell Surf (BSX-TXH-VNF)
    Full Shell Jump (T2K-C6Q-S1G)

    Pow Tech

    The pow is an interesting item. It can be used to wipe a screen full of enemies that are in contact with the ground, and can be used to jump off of. Usually this requires the Pow to come in contact with the ground or a wall before it can be interacted with. You can also use a Pow like a box, in a way that it will then allow you to go into pipes or doors if it creates a flush surface below it. This can be used to enter doors or pipes that are just free standing next to walls without floors.

    Pow Drop Mid-Air (B8S-HG5-P1H)
    Pow Drop (687-Q2M-T1G)

    P-Switch Tech

    This involves use of the P-Switch, which disappears as you jump on top of it, meaning you must jump off of it again or you will fall through the item. This can be used in mid-air or while on top of spikes. You can use a P-Switch to enter doors that you otherwise wouldn't be able to, but to my knowledge this does not work for a pipe.

    Spring Tech

    A Spring launches you into the air pretty high, and can be used mid-air or while in lava or water. You can use this item to enter doors if timed correctly, though it doesn't work the same for entering pipes.

    Spring Drop Ground Pound (DW7-LDF-DGG)
    Spring Jump (VDQ-KKL-1RG)

    Bomb Tech

    This is an enemy that will explode 5 seconds after you jump off of it. If you do a regular jump it will drop, a spin jump will cause it to bounce and slide in the direction opposite of the side that you hit while spin jumping on it.

    Meow Dive (C4N-LLN-8FG)
    Bomb Ladder (LX6-V2P-Y4G)
    Bomb Surf (GN5-3JX-N1H)

    Cape Tech

    The Cape is an item in Super Mario World (a feather) that will give Mario a cape. This allows him to fly into the air after attaining P-Speed. If you do a regular jump you are also able to float or gain more altitude. You can fly through the entire map with this item, making it very broken and ripe for cheese. Spin flight can be used repeatedly after touching the ground if you still have enough momentum built up.

    Cape Spring Drop (TMN-08L-QSF)
    Cape Shell Jump (PFL-JD0-RRG)

    Yoshi Tech

    Yoshi is a rideable character in the Mario universe. He can spit out his tongue at 3 different heights which allow you to pick up items and then spit them back out. He will immediately eat certain items (Bomb, Galoomba, etc). In NSMBU you can flutter using him, allowing him to gain a little bit more height and distance with his jump. He can jump on saw blades and walk on spikes without harm. You can also jump off of him mid-air, ditching him to his death, but giving you some extra distance in the process. A lot of people are fans of killing him before completing a level. It seems you're either #saveYoshi or #killYoshi.

    Yoshi Snowball Mid-Air (MLM-3SB-M0H)
    Yoshi Spikeball Jump (FTN-T2G-XQF)
    Yoshi Shell-Jump (X92-8W4-KLF)

    Wall Jump Tech

    In NSMBU and 3D you can jump off of walls. This makes certain Kaizo tricks unnecessary unless you set up a lot of spikes. There are interesting ways of carrying objects while wall jumping, which can be used to greatly cheese levels if it's not mandatory for level completion.

    Wall Jump Shell Carry (Q26-M9J-LBG)
    Wall Jump Spring Carry (0TR-903-TKF)

    Tanooki Tail Tech

    I call it the Tanooki Tail, when you get the leaf in Super Mario Bros. 3 and turn into the raccoon. There's a lot of cool things you can do with this little device.

    Tail Flutter Shell Jump (CNJ-SSL-M5G)

    New Super Mario Bros. U

    This will be a general category for NSMBU for things that are not specific to any one item.

    Ground Pound Cancel (C80-3Q1-MNG)

    Snowball Tech

    Snowballs got introduced into the game in Ver 2.0.0. With the addition of this new item, we will see what kind of interesting Kaizo tricks we can come up with. You can jump off of a snowball after it's thrown, but if it hits a wall or Mario it will break apart. It doesn't cause any damage.

    Snowball Bonk Float Jump (RN3-T53-7LF)
    Snowball Meow Dive (R8T-1DB-X3G)
    Snowball Jump (TRS-CRY-RCG)

    Link Tech

    Super Mario Maker 2 added a full functioning Link from the Zelda series, so undoubtedly there will be Kaizo tech created with that character in mind specifically.

    Link P-Switch Jump (724-D3L-S1G)
    Link Spring Jump (7NF-JPX-0DG)
    Link Shell Jump (7V6-PD3-VHF)

    Super Mario 3D World

    These will be tricks that are exclusive to SM3D World.

    Dash Block Mid-Air (FW7-LGD-M0H)