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Does Anyone Like Wind? In Super Mario Maker 2

Endless Super Expert No-Skip

So here is what's known as an Endless Super Expert No-Skip run in Super Mario Maker 2. What we'll do is play Endless Super Expert, and resist the temptation to skip the levels that you all know I want to skip. This is a fun challenge and is typically very difficult. Any level could kill me, based on how this game operates. A lot of levels in Super Expert require hours and hours of practice, let's hope we don't run into one of those bad boys. I beat 5 levels, and then got redemption on the 6th level that ended up killing me. That was rather unfortunate with the last level though, because it was very easy, and I didn't have many lives to scope out the situation. That's the thing with 30 lives though, you have to be careful. I feel like I have to learn how to conserve lives better.